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Nessa Illumination Technologies has been founded by people with vast experience in the semiconductor and solar industry and belonging to institutes like IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Bombay. From the beginning, the focus of founders has been on deriving greatest economic value from solar energy which led to the adoption of LEDs and Thin-Film technology. These two technologies along with optimal design techniques have been the core strengths of the company.

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Nessa also provides green consultancy services at both macro and micro level to various institutions. We provide consultancy and installations for lighting and other power saving mechanisms to make places green and reduce overall operating costs.

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NESSA ILLUMINATION TECHNOLOGIES is now MNRE channel partner for both off-grid and Roof Top Solar Products.
Posted on : 22 June, 2016
NESSA achieves more than 110 lm/watt efficacy on its street lights.
Posted on : 15 June, 2016
No worrying about your batteries of solar street lights. With Nessa "Battery-less" model, Solar light has become theft-proof and rainproof. Rainy conditions, cloudy conditions these lights work full n
Posted on : 02 October, 2015